Girl #4  Apricot w/ white    $1300

Sold to Sayre !

I have reduced the price on the solid black girl pups.  I love their shiny black coats and no staining whatsoever but they are not as popular.  If you like this coloring now is your chance to get a reduced price girl!    

Girl #3 and Girl 4# in this video

Winnie's Solid Black Girl       $950

Currently Available !

Parents are Cooper and Ashley

New Litter!

Ashley x Cooper Litter

​December 19, 2019

All Girls!  gorgeous colors!!!

Deposits are half!  I can't hold a pup without a deposit!

This little girl is super playful and just a joy!  She loves her toys and keeps me laughing!

Winnie's Apricot Tiny Girl         $1300

This little girl is just perfect!  She has the perfect curls and the prettiest face!  She is spunky and playful!  Can't go wrong with her!

Girl #1 and Girl #2 in this video

This is the smallest pup in Winnie's litter!  I didnt post her pic at first because she was so small but she is eating and doing great!  She is a precious girl!  

This little girl is inky black!  She is the largest than her black sister and has a super personality!  

This is the smallest black pup in the litter!  She is simply adorable!  She doesnt know she is small and likes to rough house with her sisters!  

This is the smallest apricot pup in the litter!  She is simply precious and loves to play and cuddle!  She doesnt know she is small either!

Currently Available !

Sold to Alexandria !

Girl #3       Solid Black    $950

Ready Now !  Pics updated Feb. 23

Girl #1        Solid Black    $950

Girl #2  Apricot w/ white    $1300

Currently Available !

Parents are Cooper and Winnie

Currently Available !

Winnie x Cooper Litter

​December 22, 2019

2 girls available!