Our Story

Victorian PawPrints  ( HarPaw) is a very small breeding program  started in 1995  by  Kristen  Griffith.   I raised AKC Maltese and Yorkies for many years.  As a dedicated breeder, I was always in good standing with the American Kennel Club and  bred along their strict guidelines in the  AKC Rules and Regulations.  I was inspected yearly by the AKC and always passed with compliments and flying colors.  

In 2011, My husband and I decided to add a poodle to blend with one of our maltese.  The blend was so favorable that the Poodle Crosses have become the only pups we raise!  The poodle has added a ton of intelligence, health, hypo-allergenic easy care coat, and just an overall perfect little family dog!   

Our #1 concern above all is still a healthy puppy.  We raise only a few litters per year as all of our dogs are "inside" pets and all puppies are raised inside under our watchful eyes and constant attention.  

My husband, Emory, was a Police K-9 Handler and certified dog trainer for many years.  He personally trained and patrolled with several wonderful German Shepherds over his time with the police dept.   He has been a wealth of knowledge in assisting me with the health and care of my toy dogs.   His background also includes Paramedic and Firefighter training which have also has come in handy over the years as he is able to assist me in the births and healthcare of our dog family.  

I, Kristen, started grooming dogs in 1993.  Toy breeds were my favorite and the Maltese and Poodles held a special place in my heart.  I groomed many pet and show dogs and started raising my own AKC dogs in 1995.