Veronica is ready for a pet home.  She is about 5 years old and a very healthy girl.   I bought her about a year ago from another breeder and she has been a pleasure!  She is a bit afraid of certain men and she will run and hide from them.  She gets over it quickly with treats and love.  She doesn't have a mean bone in her body!  She is very poodle like in coat and is easy to shave down.  No shedding at all.  She is wonderful with grooming, bathing, etc.  I don't charge for my retirees but the adopter is required to have her spayed once she acclimates and is comfortable with her new home.  It normally takes about 2-4 weeks to achieve this comfort level.  Veronica is completely crate trained.  I have not had her loose in the house for long periods of time so am not positive about complete house training but feel pretty confident she will do fine.  She is a very clean dog.  She used a dog door at her previous home so she is accustomed to that too. 

Lilly Found Her A Home! 

Lilly is a Doodle looking for a forever home.  She is a healthy happy girl!   She is 5-6 years young and still loves toys and to play and snuggle.  She is a super laid back girl and would be perfect with small children.  She is also a good alert dog for anyone as she will bark if she hears a strange noise in the house.  She loves other dogs and kids!  I don't have cats but she is fine with small dogs.  She is crate trained completely and most likely housetrained but I have not had her running free in the house.   She is an F1 and has minimal shedding.  I normally shave her as I love her white coat shorter but she is a bit longer right now.   Text or email me if you are interested in her.  She is free to an approved home so tell me about your family.