​​What is your Health Guarantee?
I encourage all new puppy owners to schedule an appointment with their vet ASAP when they pick up their new puppy.  I offer a  "3 day health guarantee" for this reason - to find any health problems right away and address them immediately.  I will absolutely take the puppy back if a serious problem is found, but most of all, it is a good way for you to go ahead and establish a relationship with your puppies vet.  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" as they say -  your vet can go ahead and educate you regarding your puppies health and the preventative care you can take to insure it having a healthy long life!

I also give a 1 year genetic health guarantee.  If your pup is found to have a life-threatening genetic disorder, during it's first year, I will replace it with another pup.  The Purchaser must  be able to show documented health records of the pups vaccinations, wormings, and health care during the past year to qualify for this guarantee.  Purchaser must provide written acknowledgement from their vet regarding the condition and it must be verified by my vet.  

Male vs. Female?
I firmly believe if you are buying this puppy for a pet then there is absolutely no preference between male vs female gender.  It is best for either sex to be spayed/neutered to make housetraining 100% easier.   People don't realize that an unspayed female can also 'mark' their territory just like an unneutered male so it is best to have this done as early as possible to make their housetraining a success!  

What Size Will My Puppy Be?
We no longer raise super tinies!  We prefer a pup that is healthy and a perfect size for families but also small enough to easily carry if needed.  I can only estimate a puppy's adult weight.    My Malitipoo litters come in 2 sizes now.  Smallest size are approximately 10 lbs grown and our new family size Maltipoo which are under 20 lbs grown.  Some will stay smaller but others might go a pound or so over that range.  I wish I knew the EXACT weight of your puppy.    My Mini Goldendoodles pups have all matured around 25-35 lbs and some as small as 17 lbs.  Our Toy Goldendoodle are maturing around 12 lbs grown.  I like to concentrate on a healthy pup instead of a tiny puppy.  If you are dead-set on finding a certain tiny sized pup my advice would be to look for an 8 month or older pup who has already matured to its adult weight.  

Do you remove Dew Claws/Docked Tails
I do not remove dew claws or tails.  A dew claw is your dog's thumb.  They are normally only on the two front paws and I choose NOT to remove these since they are not a problem.  The vet does this during the first 3 days after the pup is born.  It is a painful procedure to remove this joint with no anesthesia administered so I do not remove these.  Docking the tails is the same scenario and personally I love the flowing tails.  

How Do You House Train my pup?
I have house-broken many a puppy and in my experience  the two keys to success are"confinement" and "repetition".  You cannot give your new pup run of your home.  They need their own crate just large enough to lie down comfortably.  Normally a puppy will leave their bed to potty - so the crate is basically a confined "bed".  You need to take your pup out about every 2-3 hours at first or anytime you remove them from their bed.  After you have taken the pup out to potty then you can play with him, preferably on a non-carpeted floor or in your lap.  As soon as you are finished giving your pup attention place him back in his crate until the next potty-time.  The pup should not have full run of your home until he is completely trained.

If you are paper, puppy pad, or litter box training follow the same advice as above but take the pup to the place you wish them to potty and then back into their crate when alone.  It seems cruel to keep them confined - but they seem to understand the process faster when they don't have so many options.  Remember this is a baby and accidents are gong to happen - spanking, rubbing their nose in it, etc. are out of the question and cruel!!  Consider it your fault because you probaby did not take the pup out frequently enough or you did not leave the pup out long enough to finish its business.

If you are not home during the day or have to be away for long periods, go ahead and plan for this by leaving your pup a "potty place" in his confined area.  A baby wading pool ($8.00 at Walmart) works well  to  have bed, food, water on one side and puppy pad, newspaper, etc. on the other.  They are still leaving their bed to eliminate which is what you want to instill.  In the end, you want your pup to leave their area which will eventually be your home to do their business.  Example of this is in the video link below.   For the Goldendoodles your pup will come litter box trained with pine shavings.  In a small area they will go to their pool filled with shavings.  See pic below.  

Repetition - bed to potty place . . . bed to potty place . . . bed to potty place . . . bed to potty place . . . . will eventually become the norm and they will be looking for the door as soon as you open their crate.   Put plenty of toys in your pups bed so they won't become bored.  No food items like milk bones, etc. as these will stimulated them to potty.

Good Luck and remember  Patience and Persistence!!!

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions