New Maltipoo Litter!  Born December 17, 2022

There is no softer and perfect coat than a Maltipoo!  They are hypoallergenic, dander-free, odor-free and softer than any dog coat I have groomed during my grooming career.  I have grown to enjoy the larger sizes with the toy and mini goldendoodles and decided to add some larger size maltipoo to my program.  I am excited about this new litter and cannot wait to track their growth and future mature size.  I have held off posting this litter because I was waiting to see which of these babies I will be keeping here with me.  Georgia Girl is a Moyen size Poodle (between Miniature and Standard size) and the sire of this litter Jocktober is one of my Maltipoo males.   Jocktober has the maltese type coat (not curly) and I thought he would compliment the litter the best.  

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