Treats:  The only treat I would feed a pup would be bits of boiled chicken.  Treats you buy at the store are too spicy and can give your pup runny stools.  When they get older small milk bones are fine.  

Shampoo:  My favorite shampoo, conditioner, and cologne spray is Pet Silk products.  I love the Rainforest Scent.  I will post a pic at the bottom.  I order on Amazon.

Puppy kennel:  If you are planning to crate train a small kennel that just fits the pup is best.  Pups do not like to potty in their bed area so a small kennel is perfect.  I prefer wire so the pup can see you but this is your choice.  

Everything listed here are things that I have used for my pups but feel free to try new things!  There are so many new products everyday!  Text me if you have questions.  

Puppy Pen:  You want to keep you puppy contained in a small area.  I suggest a kiddie swimming pool with an exercises pen around it.  I will post a picture at the bottom of the page.  You could also put a baby gate up at your kitchen door to keep you pup in the kitchen.   

Puppy Bed:  I prefer a bed that can be washed.  Puppies can be messy at times and something you can throw in the washer is best.

Rawhides:  I like to give my pups small rawhides.  The stick type.  Pic at the bottom of the page.  

Flea Shampoo:  I actually love Adams Flea Shampoo!  It seems to clean so well while also killing any fleas that might have tagged along.  

Travel Crate:  A crate to carry your pup to the vet in.  You don't want your pup exposed to other dogs in the vet so a crate is perfect.

Collar or Harness:  I have always used a collar for all my dogs.  I like to buy one that is adjustable for the first year because pups grow so fast.  If you have kids that will be walking the pup then use a harness at first.  

Puppy Pads:  If you plan to let you pup use pads then get these right away.  I don't use a certain brand so any brand will do.  The ones that stick to the floor are ideal but quite pricy.  Paper will work too.  If you have a light colored pup it will stain their coat, in this case use packing paper available at Lowes or printless newspaper.

Puppy Area Ideas . . . . . . 

What do I need to buy to bring my puppy home?   

Food Dishes:  Heavy crock style dishes work best so your pup cannot turn them over.  

Food:  Your will be eating Victor Hi-Pro Plus for Active Dogs and Puppies  (Turquoise bag) pictured at bottom of page.  Tractor Supply has it locally or if you prefer to order it.